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🔥 With Blackmore Inc.'s elite team of bodyguards, your satisfaction is their priority... 🔥

Ready to play?

The CEO, Cameron Blackmore:

CEO's are used to doing things their own way. Too bad for Cameron--you're in charge this week! It's supposed to be strictly business, but he's so hard to resist. So are you, apparently. ;)

Read more about Cameron in BEST LAID PLANS

The Forbidden, Simon Rodriguez:

Your ex from the wrong side of the tracks turns up, and he's still mad as hell about the way things ended eleven years ago. You haven't forgiven him, either. But that just makes the live wire between you spark hotter.

Read more about Simon in PLAYING WITH FIRE

The Playboy, Max Jensen:

He's practically royalty in Australia, and he can have anything he wants. But on a tropical island escape, he makes it clear he doesn't want just anything. He wants you!

Read more about Max in BARING IT ALL

The Beast, Henning Fischer:

He never shows his face anymore, not since he left the Australian Federal Police with scars, both inside and out. But after three years of him on surveillance duty, three years of phone calls, of him watching your every move, you're dying to meet him. You're about to get your chance.

Read more about Henning in HOTTER ON ICE, coming in March 2020

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