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Cross-Country Camping

This was the summer of camping! My dad decided he was too old for camping, so he gave us his fancy tent, and we used it for a cross-country trip, from California to Mighigan. Our family got its official Campers badge: We are experts at setting up tents and rolling up our sleeping pads. We hit states we thought we might never see (North Dakota! 109 degrees F!), ate breakfasts of pretzels and biscotti and lay awake, trying not to think about the trees surrounding us, during a middle-of-the-night thunder storm. Here are some highlights:

Our home-away-from-home tent! This was Wyoming, just outside Devil's Tower.

The (amazing!) Badlands

Buffalo hanging out at the side of the road just south of the Black Hills. Much like their kin up in Yellowstone, they weren't the least bit worried about cars or people.

Okay, we maaay have stayed in one of these one night in Iowa on the way home. There were soft beds inside. I couldn't resist. P.S. I tried to blur the kids' faces, and now they look a little creepy...

Kansas! The town nearby sold me a center-of-the-US bumper sticker for $0.50, I was tempted to tell the cashier that she could probably raise her prices a bit.

Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming, just before the thunder storm (note threatening clouds).

And yes, I brought approximately two outfits on the trip, lol. Here's another view of this outfit, at peak style:

Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Note the purple Harlequin dance party socks. :)

Hope you had a great summer!




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