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Like many writers, I read a lot. I always have. In fact, one of the great things about being a writer is that now, when I spend multiple hours of the day reading, I can call it "market research" instead of "procrastination."

On these posts you'll find a quick commentary on one of the books I read during the week. As you can see from the phote of one of my bookshelves, I'm an omnivorous reader, so the books featured will reflect this. Still, I try to read regularly in the genre I'm currently writing, so romance will certainly be featured.

But these aren't quite book reviews, though I'll probably make it clear whether or not I like the book as a whole. But this isn't the point of the blog. Instead, I'll be commenting on which aspects of different books I think are particularly noteworthy as a writer and which aspects I'm learning from. In other words, I will be chronicling my never-ending process of learning more about writing.

I hope you either discover some new books here or discover aspects of a familiar book. Please comment with any books you think I'd like. I'll do my best to read it!

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