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Read all my first books in Kindle Unlimited!

From now through December 31, the Stockholm Diaries world is available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! (Regular Kindle users can buy these books, too :) You can binge-read these books for the first time or catch up with familiar characters in the books you haven't read yet. The original stories are all in third-person perspective, and three of these are also available in first-person perspective.

Recommended reading order if you prefer third-person perspective (originals):

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2

A Winter Wonderland

Stockholm Diaries, Melanie

One More Night

Recommended reading order if you prefer first-person perspective (new versions):

What the Heart Wants

The Map of My Heart



I hope you fall in love with Niklas & Caroline, Jonas & Alice, Henrik & Melanie, and Jace & Selena!


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