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Alya Petrova is ready to move on from her past

with a red-hot fling in Sweden…

and her sexy bodyguard

Henning Fischer knows exactly what she needs!

Model Alya Petrova is finally going to meet the man who has kept her safe from afar for the past three years. She’s been offered the photoshoot of a lifetime at the exclusive Icehotel in Sweden, but thanks to her dangerous ex, she needs a bodyguard when she’s traveling.


Who better than sexy surveillance specialist Henning Fischer?

Since the fallout of a tragic case five years ago, former police officer Henning has made it a rule to never, ever meet his clients…but Alya is different.


Henning has protected and fantasized about Alya from afar for so long, but even he is shocked by the explosive desire he feels for her in person.

The fiery pair are both running from troubled lives, so the scorching chemistry between them is the perfect distraction in wintry Sweden. Henning and Alya soon give in to temptation and indulge their wildest fantasies for a few days of ecstasy.


But will their passion survive the scars of their pasts?

Hotter on Ice_NA cover.jpg

A modern fairy tale...

Beauty and the Beast 

Destination romance  

Protective bodyguard

Hot fling at the Icehotel

Welcome to Henning and Alya's sexy, emotional story...

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