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On Giving Flowers [an excerpt]

This Valentine's Day excerpt is from Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2, and it's the first time Niklas gives Caroline'll see why! They're in Michigan, and it's right after Niklas meets Caroline's parents...and her ex-boyfriend.



He placed his hands on the car, one on each side of me, so that our bodies almost touched. His lips met mine for a soft, warm kiss. He rested his cheek against mine and whispered, “I have something for you.”

I looked around at the quiet parking lot. “Here?”

Niklas glanced around, too, and chuckled. “Not so romantic, I guess, but it will have to do.”

He kissed me again and straightened up.

“Wait here,” he said and reached down around the driver’s side of the car for something on the ground. He reappeared with a slim, white bouquet in his hand.

“Calla lilies,” I said, smiling a little.

Niklas wrinkled his forehead for a second.

“Is that what these are called?” he asked. “They looked like your type of flower. I hope I’m right.”

I nodded.

“They’re beautiful. We grow around my grandparents’ place in Mexico,” I said. I took the flowers in one hand and searched for the belt loops of his jeans with the other. “You didn’t have to get me flowers just because Brad did.”

Niklas stared down at me. “And that little shit in Stockholm, whatever his name was.”

“Yes, Ludvig, too,” I said. “But it’s not a competition, Niklas.”

“I hope not,” Niklas chuckled. “I thought I already won.”

When I rolled my eyes at him, his smile grew wider.

“Joking,” he whispered.

I gave him a little shove, but I smiled. He caught me and pulled me closer. I set the flowers on the trunk of the car and wrapped my arms around his neck. His large body pressed against hers, and our lips almost touched.

“Thank you,” My voice came out husky, and I strained to close the last distance between our mouths, our lips brushing together.

His smile was gone now at I looked up at him. “I don’t want you to think that there’s another guy out there who would do more for you than I would.”

“I already know that, Niklas. No flowers required.”

His eyes crinkled at the corners as he took in my words. His head dipped down to mine, tasting. He took his time, kissing my slowly, with the warmth and tenderness of finding each other again.


You can look inside and read more here on Amazon.

P.S. The first book in this duet, Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, will be FREE everywhere starting on Feb 15 for a little more than a week!!!

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