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My Harlequin Primer, Part One

As you may already know, I've been reading TONS of Harlequin series romances recently. Presents, Kimani, Dare - you name it, I've read it. Not only is this a lot of fun, but I'm getting to see what other authors are doing well. These books are short, so the books make for intense, focused romance journeys that can be read in one evening.

Wondering where to start on your Harlequin journey? Here are a few fun recommendations, and post more soon.

Wait - Maya Banks got her start writing Harlequin series? I had no idea. This story was fun and sexy, exactly what I'd hope for when I pick up a HQ Desire book. The dilemmas and emotional ups and downs for both characters felt real. I read three books in Blake's "Pregnancy and Passion" miniseries, and I think this one's the best.

Ready for this crazy plot? The hero is a cult leader when the heroine

discovers him. Oh, and a billionaire who deserted his bride. Who was a sheltered nineteen-year-old. Plus, there's a secret-ish baby in the mix. And guess what? Caitlin Crews totally pulls this zany idea off in a funny, sexy, perfectly Presents story. I loved it.

Sweet, sexy romance with a metal sculptor and a PR wiz. They hold out on the sexy for all the right reasons, making this slow-burn relationship all the more rewarding. Great read.

Compelling story, great tension between the Lissa and Max. Max was what I like in a hero: dark and brooding, very capable and always treats Lissa well. It sounds a little funny to call this book believable since Lissa is a psychic, and a lot of the plot solutions depend on her psychic abilities, but the world Dees creates really drew me in. Her writing is strong enough to make me believe in this story--plus, it takes place in New Orleans, which helps.

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