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Holiday/Winter Romance Recommendations

As some of you already know, I have a little thing about winter. Every year, when November rolls around, I start thinking about sledding and ice skating and evenings by a cozy fire, watching the snow fall outside. This is all fantasy, of course, because I live in the San Francisco area, where December means rain, and only if we’re lucky. So aside from a few trips to Tahoe, my yearly winter fix happens in book form.

Romance novels, of course. I’ve made a list of assorted recommendations that have been passed on through readers and authors. I’ve read a few of them, and the rest are on my winter break reading list.

Thanks to Kathy for turning me on to J.H. Croix. This author has a few Christmas romances, all set in Alaska, where we’re guaranteed a cozy white Christmas!

The late Jo Beverly is one of my author friend Jane George’s favorites. This book is part of Beverly’s Rogues series, and there’s not tons of Christmas but plenty of great writing and intriguing characters.

This series starts with Christmas in Tahoe and involves snowboarding, a cozy cabin in Tahoe and a hot man!

Thanks to Julia for this recommendation. Christmas romance abroad. In Paris. Need I say more?

I wrote about this book a few weeks on my blog – I love the feel of Novak’s small town of Whiskey Creek and the way she focuses most of the book on the romance.

Golden is the author of the Maybe series about North American ex-pats in Scandinavia… which I love, of course! This little novella takes place in Vermont.

I haven’t read this collection yet, and I didn't get it as recommendation, but the title + cover suggests the perfect December read for me, so I'm adding it to my list:)

Reclusive gay bathhouse front desk man is driven even more into seclusion at Christmas time… until the right man draws him out. Thanks to R.I. Merrill for this suggestion.

The girl he left behind has a secret… well, not a secret to us readers, but that’s what’s great about this title: we readers know exactly what we’re in for, and this book delivers it!

Check out Stacy Finz’s contribution to this collection. She’s known for her Nugget, California books, but this story is the first in her new series!

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