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A Message of Love and Hope

Dear Readers,

I’ve rewritten the beginning of this letter a couple times. I debated whether to even mention recent events in the U.S., but after a particularly tumultuous week, I decided to add a few words of thanks and hope to the storm.

I write romance, which isn’t often political. And yet, embedded in my Stockholm Diaries stories are values that I hold about love, tolerance and understanding of others who come from different places – places on the map but also emotional places. These are not values that belong to only one political group.

My U.S. readers come from both red and blue states, from both conservative and liberal backgrounds. My international readers come from many different cultures all over the world. As I sat down to write this letter, I realized that my hope for a better future is grounded in my stories and in you, my readers. I am so honored and heartened that you all want to read books about (hot!) men and women who overcome differences through understanding and love. Buying and reading my books are votes for these values. Thank you.



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