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Maybe Baby by Kim Golden

Another romance about a North American in Stockholm? Yes, please!! And what a great book I found.

After years of radio silence from her biological clock, Laney suddenly hears the ticking, loud and clear. But when she proposes a baby to her partner Niklas, he tells her he had a vasectomy after kid #2 with his ex-wife.

“I told you, remember?”

No, Laney would remember a detail like that. Thus begins the adventure that takes her to a sperm clinic in Copenhagen, where prospective clients have the opportunity to mingle with donors. But things don’t go as planned when she meets Mads, donor extraordinaire, with whom more traditional methods of pregnancy open up. What ensues is a compelling and sometimes painful process for Laney as she decides what she really wants.

But here’s what I loved even more about the book:

Kim Golden paints a vivid picture of the Stockholm I love and miss. She captures much about what stands out in Swedish culture—everything from interior design to childrearing approaches. I laughed aloud at some of the scenes between Niklas and his kids; the stories will ring true to anyone who has spent time in Sweden! She also touches on the experience of looking “un-Swedish” in Stockholm—another topic often discussed in expat circles.

We moved from Stockholm over two years ago, but this book brought me right back there. I can’t wait to read #2!

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