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New Release - Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2!

Starting today, the second episode in Caroline and Niklas's relationship is available for sale! If you followed the beginning of their adventure in Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, I hope you'll enjoy the humor and emotion in their relationship as they both grow together.

From the beginning, I hadn't planned to write a second book in Niklas and Caroline's story. The seed for this book was planted with one of my first readers of Stockholm Diaries, Caroline asked, "What happens next? I want to keep reading about them!"

Writing a second episode was more difficult than I anticipated because, after leaving them happy at the end of the first story, and I wanted them to stay that way!! But that's not a formula for a fun romance:)

I began with a short story from Niklas's perspective (not for sale - just available as a gift to newsletter subscribers), which helped set the tone of their relationship in Book 2. Then I took their conflicts and explored them more deeply, filling in different parts of their lives to create a second book for them. And I'm really excited about how the story came together!

Here's what two early reviewers on Goodreads have to say:

"It was a masterfully woven tale, so full of tension I couldn’t bear to put it down." - Alicia

"Niklas was pretty much perfect. He was a little bit alpha, a lot sweet and wonderfully sexy." - Paige

I hope you enjoy it, too!

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