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What I'm Writing

If you read my newsletter, you know that I have a tendency to work on more than one project at once. The positive side of this habit is that when I tend to follow whichever story is most alive at the moment, while the other stories slow-cook.


Somewhere in my mind, I must be working on them because when I come back to a back-burner story, I find I’ve often worked out whatever I was stuck on. However, the problem with this method is that I have a hard time getting all the projects to the finish line! This is why outside deadlines are fantastic for me.

This is all to say that, in addition to my scheduled releases, I always have a few projects cooking. I hope - sincerely hope - to announce the day when each of them come to life!


I've written three books for the Harlequin Dare line so far, all in the Blackmore Inc world. Beast would be the fourth in the series...if Harlequin buys it.


As you may have guessed from the book’s (tentative) title, it's a modern Beauty and the Beast telling, where a fashion model (whom you’ll meet in Dare #3, Against the Rules) falls for a scarred, reclusive ex-Australian Federal Police officer.


Of course, like all the other Dare books, it’s super-hot! If Harlequin doesn’t buy the book, I’ll figure something else out because I LOVE it!!

The Next Best Thing

This is the first book I've written in a long time that is not a romance. It does have a romance subplot, but as of right now, it fits under women's fiction.


Whenever I try to describe the plot, it takes at least ten minutes (quick, catchy summaries are NOT my strength!!), so instead, I’ll give you the prologue:


"There are a lot of things people never tell you about living abroad. Like the fact that no matter how much you love the food in your new home country, you’re going to crave some crazy, semi-disgusting things after a while, like Ho-Hos and Pizza Hut, in my case. Or the fact that a few months of immersion, you might start to hate the new language that’s making you sound like a six-year-old.

        But of all the unexpected things I’ve learned over the past seven years in Sweden, here’s what I really wish I had known: If you have a child overseas, you can’t move her back to your home country without the father’s permission. No matter how bad things get with that father.

        No one told me that before I moved abroad. So when things got bad with Karl, I got desperate. And made a mess of all our lives."

Surf Romance, still unnamed

I hesitate to even mention this one because it’s just starting to take shape, but...


I written my first Christmas romance, and it's coming out this fall in the 12 Nights of Christmas anthology - yay! The whole project is fantastic.


The hero of my story is Jace Wilkinson, and we get a few references to the rest of the Wilkinson family. My surf story takes place in this same world. It’s about Jace’s youngest sister Lizzie, a surfer and UC Santa Cruz student, and the infamous, high-profile pro-surfer, Danny Vargas, who’s left SoCal to get his life back on track in hopes to win the Surf World Championships.


This story is angsty, sweet-sexy, and New Adult-ish, told in first person. It’s a chance for me to put my own, personal love for surfing into a book!

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