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A Romance with Stockholm 

Beautiful Stockholm is a perfect setting for romance, and all the books in my Stockholm Diaries series feature real places that are close to my heart.


Below I've created what you could call a virtual scrapbook, photos I took in these places and use for ideas. For those readers who like see the real-life inspirations behind books, this page is for you!

June 2015 038 (2).JPG
Mom's Camara 216.JPG

... and a friend I found on in Old Town. We planned matching hats.

Old Town, Stockholm...


My own cold dip in the Baltic...

June 2015 190.JPG

That time I wore a dress to

go blueberry picking... 

A quiet harbor south of Västervik. I imagined this place when writing the archipelago scenes in Melanie's story.

Wandering through a forest in Skåne.

Look carefully at this image. Yes, it's real - no Photoshop involved. In Sweden, the English is generally good that many Swedes think they can get away without a quick native-speaker proofread on ad campaigns. Most often it just looks sloppy, but sometimes you hit a real gem!

June 2015 121.JPG

A "warm" summer day by the water. I think

someone went swimming that day, but it wasn't me.

A Södermalm street where Niklas and Caroline wandered on their date.

Fika, Sweden's version of afternoon tea, with an

American twist: chocolate chip cookies. All Swedish stories have to feature a fika. I think it's a rule.

Cottage life

The place on the Södermalm cliffs where Caroline and Niklas stopped for dessert one night?

Sweden's idyllic summer cottage, larger but otherwise much like the one Melanie inherits in her book.

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