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Modern Jane Eyre, hot enough to burn the house down…

When I asked Practically Perfect Nannies for a client as far away from Brooklyn as possible, I was thinking Vermont, not Sweden. But the farther away from my family, the better.

With my first passport and an overstuffed suitcase in hand, I landed in Stockholm with my best, most trustworthy smile….until the taxi dropped me off at an estate in the middle of a forest, complete with the hot, brooding single dad.

Now, I'm stuck in a crumbling manor house that reeks of old money and family secrets, trying to convince my very off-limits boss that he wants me here.

And he wants me.

The Overseas Nanny Mistake is a modern Gothic romance with hints of Jane Eyre and Rebecca, featuring a nanny and her boss and set on the misty shores of the Baltic Sea.
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