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The Foreign Fling Duet,

Book #2

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2



A beautiful photographer searching for her own path 
A pro hockey player trying to leave his rough past behind

After a whirlwind summer together, Niklas and Caroline land in Detroit. Both face turning points in their lives, and familiar territory opens old wounds they can no longer avoid. 

Niklas has a shot at rejoining the Red Wings, but at what price?

Caroline left Detroit after putting off her own dreams for too long. Does a commitment to Niklas mean she'll have to set aside her dreams again?

This is the second part in Niklas and Caroline's adventure. It's a full-length, stand-alone episode in their relationship.

This is a full-length, stand-alone episode in Caroline and Niklas’s relationship… but you can read their whole story if you start from the beginning in Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, followed by the steamy novelette from Niklas's perspective.

What readers are saying...

"Niklas was pretty much perfect. He was a little bit alpha, a lot sweet and wonderfully sexy" - Paige

"Niklas was alpha sexy with a sweet personality" - Carol

"I loved every minute of this read" - Stacey

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