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Stockholm Diaries, Melanie Release!

A biographer, a little island in the Stockholm archipelago and the sexy man she finds there...

Today's the day! Stockholm Diaries, Melanie is available on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited. Paperback is coming soon. Thanks to all those who preordered.

This book is an island romance and focuses a lot on the characters' emotional development. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's how I described the ideas behind the book on Goodreads:

"This is book #3 in the Stockholm Diaries series (#2 will be Caroline's second book, coming out in 2016), and it takes place on a small, rather isolated island out in the Stockholm archipelago. Sweden has a strong summer cabin culture, and the archipelagos are filled with tiny, rustic retreats where residents spend their July vacations. Melanie's stuggles with island life are real - getting food or anything else out to the islands is a project that takes some planning, and her lack of a motor boat makes independent living much more complicated. But Melanie's story is also about looking into the past. Long ago, I read A.S. Byatt's Possession and loved it, and this book was partly inspired by the same exploration of private documents, though Stockholm Diaries, Melanie is certainly a much steamier and less literary version of this plot! I hope you enjoy this new twist on Stockholm romance."

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