On Giving Flowers [an excerpt]

This Valentine's Day excerpt is from Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2, and it's the first time Niklas gives Caroline'll see why! They're in Michigan, and it's right after Niklas meets Caroline's parents...and her ex-boyfriend. Enjoy. *** He placed his hands on the car, one on each side of me, so that our bodies almost touched. His lips met mine for a soft, warm kiss. He rested his cheek against mine and whispered, “I have something for you.” I looked around at the quiet parking lot. “Here?” Niklas glanced around, too, and chuckled. “Not so romantic, I guess, but it will have to do.” He kissed me again and straightened up. “Wait here,” he said and reached down around the driver’s s

...and another cover reveal!

She’s single. On holiday. And about to embark on a wicked sexperiment! Normally, scientist Natasha Petrova follows the rules of logic. But there’s nothing remotely logical about her sister’s gorgeous bodyguard, Max Jensen—or the zing of raw lust that hits whenever he’s near. So sexy. So tempting. Soooo not a good idea. Only, now Natasha is single again…and Max has made it clear that for their trip to the secluded, tropical beauty of Green Island, he’s all hers for the taking. A sexperiment with the hottest man ever. No strings. It sounds so…simple. But Max and Natasha’s plan isn’t without risks. Natasha has a history of falling for the wrong men. And Max’s family is practically Aussie


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