Darkness by Karen Robards

My author buddy Stacy Finz told me about this book months ago when I was thinking through a romantic suspense set in the woods of northern Michigan. But, like many books, I mentally filed it away under the “someday” tab, when I actually got around to writing that romantic suspense. Well, that’s not happening yet, but I stumbled on Darkness at the library this week, so I decided to give it a try. I started this book yesterday evening and read straight through, into the late night. It has all the elements I love in romantic suspense: A remote location. In this case, it’s an island on the Alaskan coast. Two very different people, both experts in their own ways. He’s an ex-military contractor, a

Best Laid Plans - UK Cover Reveal

The UK cover for my first Harlequin DARE book, Best Laid Plans, is here! Folks, I love it. It's hot (as is the book) but not racy/revealing, which is perfect for the bookshelves. An author friend found it for me here on Amazon UK, and it came with this description: A case of mistaken identity Leads to disaster…or exquisite temptation? CEO Cameron Blackmore assumes the PR expert sent from New York to clean up his reputation will be a man. But Jackson McAllister is all woman—as evidenced during their no-names, strangers-in-lust, incredibly sexy one-night stand! Now Cameron and Jackson must keep their hands off each other. But with Jackson shadowing his every move in the boardroom can they for


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